A Focus on Swift & Some Valuable Links


This is more of a notebook than a blog. Here I can share my notes about language features or concepts. Why? I learn best by reading, implementing, teaching, and then implementing again. If you find yourself here, check out the list of recent posts and the list of topics covered.

In January of 2016 interesting to me means Apple’s recently open-sourced Swift Programming Language (new tab). Swift’s open evolution (new tab) and the evolution of Apple’s tooling is progressing rapidly. The community of developers using Swift has whole-heartedly embraced the invitation to influence the process.

There are an incredible number of online resources available to anyone working with Swift in Xcode, iOS, and OS X (and now Linux). The number of skilled and professional developers sharing their thoughts and observations is impressive. Here is a link to my public Apple Development twitter list. The developers linked below, and many more, also have active Twitter presences.

Keep in mind, Apple’s own documentation really cannot be beat. The absolute best place to start answering any question Swift-related is The Swift Programming Language Guide & Reference. My recommendation, for learning any of the topics I make note of here, is that you consult the documentation and make notes about what you read and the examples you implement to work through the concepts presented.

You should read what these people write:

Last updated: 28 January, 2016
* Erica Sadun
* Flex Monkey
* Wayne Bishop
* Kristina Thai
* ├śrta
* Sketchy Tech
* Natasha The Robot