Projects, Tools, & Methodology

As most developers do, I work with an ever-evolving set of tools and technologies. Currently, I spend most of my time building websites and web-applications.

I work daily with: PHP, PhpStorm, Xdebug, Chrome Dev Tools, Vagrant, and iTerm.

My oft-used tech: Wordpress, Mysql, and Sequel Pro for local database management.

My front-end foundations and rotation: HTML, CSS, Javascript, (jquery / vue.js), and whatever else is needed to do the job well.

I am currently working to incorporate Racket into my future projects.

Other tools and technologies I work with include Xcode, Swift (V. 1 - 4 targetting iOS), and Python 3.

The Future

I continuously work to leverage my existing skills with every project, be it from initial specifications or be it a refactorization. My goal is to master my current skill set and expand upon it.

The clarity of my code and my ability to hold a project in my head are constantly improved by never becoming lazy in my adherence to a DRY and OOP approach. This has made my recent work with PHP7 very rewarding.

I seek projects that will allow me to stretch my existing skills past their current limits and give me chances to learn new skills, all to the benefit of every stakeholder. I am particularly interested in projects that will focus on and enhance my testing practices.

Places & Contact Info

I work currently as a freelance developer. My Wordpress work is usually done in cooperation with the fine people at Projektgruppe WEB Seitenmanager. I develop other projects either remotely or locally, as the situation requires. I am based in Southern Germany, on the shores of the beautiful Bodensee (Lake Constance).

The best way to contact me is via email. My email address is

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